Julep nail polish

so couple weeks ago, I purchased a handful of Julep nailpolishes from their end of the year sale (julep haul post: here) ~~ so far I’ve tried 2 combos and thought I share the results with you guys in case if you’re wondering what Julep is like. :)

Combo 1 – Michelle (dark blue) and Vivien (gold glitter and gems)

IMG_1731I absolutely adore this blue! I’m a big fan of dark colors and that close to black almost.  This is probably  my favorite out of the 9 bottles that i bought :) and the glitter definitely adds some definition to it while staying simple and making it glamorous.  On the bottle it recommends you to put 2 layers, but I find that 1 layer is more than enough especially since this is a dark color.

Combo 2 – Whitney (nude) and Amber (golden bronze)


besides using dark hue colors, i’m a fan of the neutrals.  Especially since it’s winter, it looks so out of place to have those bright and bold colors lol the bottle to the right is actually a matte suede finish.  i had no idea when i got it so this is my first time trying this out.  it’s pretty cool.  it leaves a smooth sanded look almost.  since this is a metallic color, it reminded me of the color of vintage hardware with an antique sheen~  i think this would be perfect to compose an edgier look! just a thought lol

Again, I only painted 1 layer of the Whitney as base— julep really has nice coverage! huge plus!  Also, I do use top coats over my nails in the end so they last longer.  that’s why it might look shinier than it should lol for this one i did add a little extra glitter in addition to the Whitney and Amber b/c i thought it was missing something.. I loooove glitter tips :)

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