Sam Edelman Shoes Haul!

So i’m a little behind with my posts.. but I thought I better step on it to share this with you guys while the sale is still going on!

I’m a frequent WINDOW shopper at Lord & Taylor ^^;; (always eyeing those promotions) and when there is a big one! i jump on it!  here is what i got!

IMG_0887the Alvin Leopard Flats

i LOVE these!  these aren’t the biggest seller compared to the others— but I personally adore them.  i don’t often wear wild patterns like this so for me this is a very exciting change!  this will spike up any simple outfit!  SeeEEeeee~ <3

IMG_1932last i checked, these are still available on ( — with the additional 20% off, i highly urge you to get them now before they run out!


the Aster flats in black with a gun-metal cap toe

same shoe as the first one, but in the cap toe style!  made in snake skin– it’s true! none of that fake, embossed stuff, it’s the real thing! lol these are definitely worth the buck.  I took a 2nd shot in the natural light so you can see a better comparison between the black and the shiny cap toe :) love love love!


this is a picture i took when i first got it via Instagram!  absolutely love the fit, the look, everything! they are very comfy and give the chic yet relaxed feel.  Perfect for the spring!  btw, if anyone is interested, feel free to follow me on Instagram: kelzchan :)  I usually just post a lot of random shots of food.. goodies.. shopping.. you know the girlie stuff haha

ok the next one gave me goose bumps when i ordered them online~ these are soo hot and sexy!


Pryce heels with spikes on the back (probably not the greatest idea to take a picture black on black… whoops!)

Another awesome find on Lord & Taylor’s site!  From original RSP of $200, these got knocked down to $60! I couldn’t resist!  I love ankle strapped heels!  and these resemble jimmy choos a little too… soooOOoo yep.  they got me.  ^^;;


I have to say these shoes are definitely not for everyone.. the fit is a little funky.  I’m normally a 7.5 for heels– so that’s what i ordered.  but when i tried it on, it was awful! the straps were too loose.. if i tighten it, then it creates this strap bump else where.. i was so sad.  but i decided to give the size 7 a try (had to place another order).  Luckily, these worked out ok!  So it’s a pair that you definitely have to try on to see whether it works on your feet or not.  this is the first time in my life! where i had to choose a size 7 instead of a 7.5— strange, but hey it works!  the peep toe gives it a little extra room for the toesies to breath too~

last pair~!! (i know– more?! lol)


Jordie ballerina flats with a gold cap toe

back to more flats— honestly, can one have too many pairs of flats?! lol they’re so versatile and needed on a everyday basis, i decided to stock up!  a fabulous price too! these are slightly cheaper than the loafers — $40 after discount.  unfortunately, L&T is out of this combo, but the leopard with a silver cap toe is still available~ (  same as the Aster loafers, they’re snake skin with a metal cap toe– this one is in gold (the 2nd pic you can see the difference a little better)  oh! i did forget to mention that all these flats do have a light padding on the sole to give that extra comfort. :3  again, i highly recommend!  super versatile!

so that sums it up! now go out there and hit those sales!

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